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Our link with Pioneer Network continues to grow. Earlier this month Bart was able to attend the first CORE Training Event that Pioneer have run, aimed at equiping leaders within the network and developing our common understanding of Pioneer’s core values of being Relational, Missional, Charismatic, and Kingdom Orientated.

We had some excellent teaching from Ness Wilson (Open Heaven Church, Loughborough), Revd Dr. Deirdre Brower Latz (Principle of The Nazerene Theological College), Dr. David Emmett (St. Millitus College), Billy Kennedy, and others. We explored aspects of relational church, faith, leadership and mission by thinking through the nature of the trinity, Jesus, and other Biblical themes.


Looking forward to joining part two of the CORE course in May 2019.

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About the author : Bart

Methodist Lay Pioneer Minister and Church Leader based in Ebbsfleet, Kent. Married to Rachel with three children, and in any spare time a keen rock climber and runner! Originally from the proud county of Lancashire, born and raised on a farm near Lancaster. Studied at Cliff College and gained a PhD. in Biblical Studies at Sheffield University.

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