A few years ago now Sarah Ford and Bart Woodhouse lunched the first Encounter evening at the Bridge Community Room in north Dartford. After a short break these evenings of worship and prayer for renewal and revival have begun to spread in our local Methodist Circuit. Sittingbourne launched its first Encounter earlier in the year and Tonbridge Road Methodist Church is set to launch another this coming September.

The Encounter evenings are evolving and we want to be careful to keep in step with what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing in our churches. We continue to make a prayer for revival and a transforming Encounter with the Holy Spirit the focal points of our time together. We intend to make the evenings more open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and to ensure we take time to prayer for each other as we have need, and particularly for the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.

Everyone is welcome from all churches, including those exploring the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, wanting to be filled and surrendered to the power and love of God at work within them.

Dates of the next Encounter evenings are listed below:

Healing on the Streets<< >>Dartford Homeless Winter Shelter 2020

About the author : Bart

Methodist Lay Pioneer Minister and Church Leader based in Ebbsfleet, Kent. Married to Rachel with three children, and in any spare time a keen rock climber and runner! Originally from the proud county of Lancashire, born and raised on a farm near Lancaster. Studied at Cliff College and gained a PhD. in Biblical Studies at Sheffield University.