Worship and Teaching

Sundays are a vitally important part of our Christian life, as we have the opportunity to fellowship and worship together, and to wonderfully meet with Jesus. Our Sunday Gatherings are informal, with contemporary worship, and are open to the work of the Holy Spirit. There is usually a time set aside during the service for prayer ministry and an opportunity to respond to what the Holy Spirit may be saying to us. We may be a little church, but we want to be fruitful and real as we grow together!

We currently meet as a 'house church' at Ebbsfleet Green. These are informal and creative times of worship and fellowship. We meet at 10.30am at Glover Close, if you'd like to come along you are very welcome. Please text Bart on 0779 259 6318 for more details.

We plan to begin meeting at The Manor Primary School in Swanscombe (see map below) in the new year. There is good parking available on the school car park and good level access into the school hall.

To keep up to date with the teaching each Sunday please listen to the Podcasts published each week.
Sunday Podcasts

Children and Youth

We have a small group of children as part of the church, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. We plan to have regular activities for our young people and will give further information on this as we get nearer the launch date in September.


Encounter is an evening of charismatic worship, prayer, and seeking the infilling of the Holy Spirit. There is no fixed pattern to these evenings and we seek to be led by the Spirit during the meeting. We do pray for one another, for healing and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and we share words of knowledge, pictures, and visions as we feel led.

Encounter is born out of our vision and hope of rediscovering the roots of our Methodist heritage, that we are first and foremost a revival movement. We have the same vision and heart as that expressed in the words shared at the 1820 Liverpool Conference ... "And being deeply sensible that, in order to the revival and extension of the Work of God, the great thing to be desired is an abundant effusion of the Holy Spirit on ourselves and our families, our Societies and our Congregations; we solemnly agree to seek that blessing by humble and earnest prayer; in our private supplications, in our family devotions, and in the pulpit; and we desire to ‘continue with one accord in prayer and supplication’ ‘until the Spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field, and the fruitful field be counted for a forest’."

Encounter happens at 6.30pm at Swanscombe Methodist Church once a month. To see when the next Encounter is please take a look at the church calendar

Manor Primary School