First Harvest from the Community Garden

After a shaky start over the pandemic year we now have a functioning community garden project that has produced its first harvest. Since restrictions have allowed, we have also been using the garden space to hold our church gathering. Our church gatherings have been very open to people saying hello as they pass by on the well-used path that runs through the garden area. Literally a church without walls! We have had some good engagement with the garden itself, and we hope to build on this in the coming year as part of serving the community and developing meaningful relationships as part of our wider mission.

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About the author : Bart

Methodist Lay Pioneer Minister and Church Leader based in Ebbsfleet, Kent. Married to Rachel with three children, and in any spare time a keen rock climber and runner! Originally from the proud county of Lancashire, born and raised on a farm near Lancaster. Studied at Cliff College and gained a PhD. in Biblical Studies at Sheffield University.