• Connect Groups

    Encouragement, Learning and Discipleship, and Activating the Fire of the Spirit!

    Small groups are a vital part of the life of the church and we encourage all our member to regularly attend one. They normally follow a theme across the Connect Groups and meet fortnightly. Our Connect Groups currently meet in the evenings but we are always open to launching new groups in the morning or afternoons, let us know if this is something you'd like to do.

    The Connect Groups are vital for church growth just as the old "Class Meeting" was a key component of the Wesleyan revival. Without honest and meaningful relationships through which we can question, confess, share, pray for healing, and wrestle with difficult issues, the church remains a "Sunday Club". John Wesley was right to insist on each new Christian being plugged into the rigorous and life giving community of the "Class Meeting". And, we at Ebbsfleet Community Church continue with this Methodist heart beat. Good small groups are needed as we prepare for revival!

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