Our Values

  • Relational

    God is community and, we believe, it is only in community that we can accurately reflect Him and see real and lasting fruit. We honour and celebrate diversity within the context of our relationships. We recognise that anointed leadership is a grace gift given to serve, with humility, in the context of community. We value the contribution of both women and men at every level of leadership.

  • Missional

    We see ourselves as co-workers with God in His mission – the reconciliation of all things under heaven and earth under Christ. The Good News about Jesus needs to be presented in a way that is relevant to our context through our words, actions and with a demonstration of God’s miraculous power. We believe that justice and social action are central to the message of Jesus.

  • Charismatic

    Our life and faith is energised and informed by a living experience of the Holy Spirit, both individually and corporately. We believe in a God who breaks into time and space by His Holy Spirit, bringing revelation, healing bodies, sharing spiritual gifts and performing miraculous signs. Our spiritual life is rooted in the Scriptures and informed by our church history as "revivalist Methodists".

  • Kingdom

    Because ‘the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’, we believe that the whole of life and creation is sacred. We, therefore, look to express a culture and lifestyle of worship that has no sacred-secular divide as we celebrate all of life. We desire and pray that we will burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit so wherever we are we will reveal the love and action of God's Kingdom.

Meet the Team..

  • Bart Woodhouse

    Bart Woodhouse

    Pionner Minister (lay)

    ECC Lead Pastor. Originally from north Lancashire and trained at Cliff College. I now live with my wife Rachel and three children in Ebbsfleet Green. Keen runner and climber, my natural habitat is the mountains! I'm passionate about revival and the awakening of the church in the UK. Luke 4:18-19.

  • Sarah Ford

    Sarah Ford

    Worship Leader

    My passion is worship and creating a space where all can encounter God’s presence and love for them. I grew up in Dartford, am the owner of a beautiful Shih Tzu called Pippa, have taught locally for 20 years and long for people of all ages and backgrounds to fulfil their potential.

  • Simon Pooley

    Simon Pooley

    Teaching Team and Treasurer

    Local preacher, husband to Liz, father to three adult children, one dog, Computer Security and Data Protection consultant, swimmer, wannabe blacksmith.

  • Liz Pooley

    Liz Pooley

    Prayer Coordinator

    Married to Simon, I have a background in transport planning. I’m involved with prayer in this county and beyond and love Kent, Normandy, the prophetic and praying on the land (and where possible all four together!).

  • Rev. Tony Graff

    Rev. Tony Graff

    Circuit Oversight

    One of the Superintendent Team at North Kent Methodist Circuit. Postgraduate student of Cliff College with an interest in mission.


    Church Planting in New Housing...

    In September 2007 the then Kent Thameside Methodist Circuit launched a new church plant project in the early phases of the Bridge Development in North Dartford. This small group, under the leadership of Bart Woodhouse, grew over the years and engaged in a broad range of community activities including the Big Lunch, Toddler Groups, and a community coffee shop. These early days were exiting, hard work, and a place of tremendous learning! With the support of the Methodist Church, through its Venture FX scheme, the Beacon Church at the Bridge was able to experiment and engage in mission with wonderful freedom.

    By 2018 the Beacon had lost some of its key members and was struggling to become a self sustaining church. At this stage the Ebbsfleet Garden City was beginning to take shape, and the now North Kent Methodist Circuit decided to plant again into the new housing developments. Bart Woodhouse, with his experience and a strong core team from the Beacon, together with some new members, planted the Ebbsfleet Community Church in mid 2018. Unlike the church plant on the Bridge, the new venture will have close ties with the Pioneer Network of Churches through the Methodist Pioneer Connexion relationship. This will help us grow in our mission and confidence as a charismatic kingdom focused church, and give us a wider opportunity for training and support.

    The life and experience of this new congregation, together with its new relationship with Pioneer, will undoubtedly help encourage and enliven the local Methodist Circuit too. The local Methodist Circuit has given sacrificially into this new church plant, and has faithfully prayed and supported this work for many years. Ebbsfleet Community Church is indebted to its Methodist family, and will work hard to ensure it both supports and learns from its wonderful heritage.

    The story continues now as we meet in Ebbsfleet and engage in kingdom, spirit filled, powerful, loving, mission!


One of the largest new housing projects in the UK

The Ebbsfleet Garden City is a huge and ambitious new housing and community project in north Kent, situated between the established towns of Dartford and Gravesend. The Ebbsfleet Garden City will eventually consist of 15,000 new homes spread over seven distinct areas, and a new town centre style development around the Ebbsfleet International Station. The new housing will also include new schools, shopping areas, community centres, and commercial space, making the area a functioning community with significant new job opportunities and facilities.

The Ebbsfleet Community Church will be seeking to play its role in the formation of this new vibrant and welcoming community.